Assistant Reservation Manager- Dubai


Under the general direction and direction and supervision of Director of Sales & Marketing to control the room inventory to maximise revenue and occupancy, supervise reservation staff and to ensure the smooth running of work in the Reservation Department.


1. Reports directly to the Reservations Manager.

2. Supervises directly and indirectly all Reservation Department personnel.

3. Co-ordinates functions and activities with other department as required.

4. Interacts appropriately with guests as well as individuals outside Atana Hotel, including but not limited to travel industry representatives and other potential business clients.


1. To ensure that all Reservation Department’s Standard & Operating procedures are followed to the letter.

2. Ensure a proper schedule for reservation staff, according to business demands.

3. Ensure an accurate records for working hours, holidays and days off for Reservation staff.

4. Prepare their vacation plan in a way that does not disturb the smooth running of the Reservation Department’s operation.

5. Ensure staff appearance and behaviour towards guests are according to Atana Hotel standards.

6. Stay up to date on room rates, packages, discounts, and how to handle each as well as how each relates to other departments.

7. Report any unusual occurrence to Director of Sales & Marketing /Reservations Manager.

8. Perform any duty assigned by management.

9. To produce reports currently needed or may be needed in the future.

10. To review with Executive Assistant Manager on a daily basis the availability for the day and for the future and constantly update the system.

11. To keep the front desk staff aware about the selling situation.

12. Treat the guests with courtesy and respect.

13. Answer all phone calls promptly and courteously.

14. Secure all required information to ensure that the guest has a pleasant stay.

15. Ensure the correct input of all information pertaining to the reservations.

16. Know the credit policy of the hotel and how to credit each reservation.

17. Understand the hotel’s policy on guaranteed, no show and assured reservation.

18. Understand the hotel’s cancellation policy and procedures.

19. To keep all files up-to-date.

20. Review the reservations scheduled to check in the following day, make sure that they are posted the correct rate, suite type and it includes all related details and information.

21. Have a working knowledge of the sales and front desk areas and how they relate to reservations.

22. Promote good will by being courteous, friendly and helpful to all guests, managers and fellow employees.

23. To use upselling techniques to maximize room revenue.

24. To maximize the hotel’s rooms revenue through controlling the room inventory and average room rate.

25. To update the system with all guests’ movements, daily allotments, etc.

26. To update individual & companies’ profiles whenever necessary.

27. To control and to ensure visas requested by our guests are handled properly and ready on time, and to maintain records for all visas issued.

28. To update rates in the system whenever necessary.

29. Coach and council all subordinate employees whenever necessary.

30. Work within the hotel’s budget.

31. Practice aggressive selling techniques and maintain continuous control of the daily room rack operations and future availability to ensure maximum room revenue.

32. To be aware of the hotel organisational chart.

33. To make the appraisal to reservation personnel.

34. All comments made while taking reservations from various accounts should be recorded & communicated to sales manager.

35. Maintain high standard of personal hygiene at all times.

36. Train and retrain (when necessary) all Reservation personnel, and to maintain records of all training.

37. To understand and adhere to Atana Hotel policies and procedures related to fire, health and safety.

38. Maintain an elegant and groomed appearance as per Atana Hotel standards.

39. Develop detailed knowledge about the hotel’s staff, services and hours of operation.

40. To know the hotel lay out.

41. Maintain the cleanliness and neatness of the reservation area, as well as the back area.

42. To maintain stock of the department stationary, supplies and to prepare weekly store requisition.

43. To read and initial all front office log books to be updated about any new information or instructions.

44. To ensure that all transportation booked are arranged on time.

45. Should work flexible shifts, hours according to business demands.

46. Job descriptions may/can be amended / altered subsequently.


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